About us

 Welcome to our site!

We are passionate about what we teach. By training with us not only will you be safer but your fitness, confidence and ability to deal with conflict and stress will improve.

We are Tracy and Darren and have been training together for many years. 

Darren's journey started many years ago in the heart of London, learning fast to defend himself and progressing to black belt in Ren-Shin Kai Karate.

Tracy's journey started more recently, beginning with Krav Maga and the need to make sure her daughetr knew how to defend herself. This has developed into a heartfelt belief that all women should be taught the basics of self defence.

Between us we have over 21-years experience with martial arts and self defence techniques

We are both BTEC level 3 self defence trainers, with a background in Karate and Krav Maga.

Our classes focus on realistic situations that we hope you will never find yourself in. The classes are designed around your abilities and fitness.

We  offer classes in Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole, these classes can either be 1-1 or as a group, please contact us with any questions.