WHAT TO EXPECT and gain from training with us

Do you want to get fit, gain confidence and learn how to protect yourself and family members?

Do you keep putting it off because you’re nervous? In the back of your mind you picture a place where everyone is either a super ninja or an MMA fighter. What if it’s totally awkward and you don’t know what to do? What if it’s physically too difficult? You fear everything from wearing the wrong clothes to getting hit by someone who looks like The Rock. Here’s what actually happens in a typical self-defense class South Coast Self Defence. 

When you meet us 

We will discuss your requirements and expectations (what you would like to achieve), we will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire and chat with you about any concerns you may have. The classes will be fun and enjoyable,  you will learn techniques which will ensure you and your loved ones can remain safe.  

The warm up 

Classes starts with a 5-10 minute warm-up to get your heart pumping. Every class is different, so your warm-up might include pushups, sit-ups, lunges or other basic body-weight exercises. Once your body is warm we will lead you through active stretching.  

The Class 

The system we have developed is designed for men, women and children of all ages and abilities. 

We scale the intensity of the class up or down depending on the fitness level of our students. Each class involves some functional fitness, power exercises and warm up games. We then work on some striking and self defence techniques from our syllabus. 

We end the class with some summary drills and conditioning exercises.

You will be working with a partner, or in small groups throughout the class. We will demonstrate and teach you the various self defence techniques along with the tactical behavior that comes with the training, such as how to avoid dangerous people and dangerous places. You are certain of a good work out whilst learning effective self defence moves. Expect to work hard, sweat a little, make some friends and have fun.

You will learn how to - 


  • Avoid dangerous places and situations
  • Use everyday objects to defend yourself
  • Use the bodies natural reflexes
  • Know when to run for safety
  • Strike at vulnerable points
  • Neutralise the threat
  • Avoid injury
  • All while getting fit at the sametime

What will you gain?

The Ability To Defend Yourself And Your Loved Ones  -
There it is. The most important aspect of self-defense training and, really, it’s primary purpose. By training, you prepare your mind and body to respond to threats against your safety or your life. The truth in today’s society is that help is not always available in time to make a difference.

  • The life-saving ability to defend yourself and your loved ones
  • The courage and motivation to remain calm and focused under high levels of pressure
  • New friends with the same interests and goals
  • Increased levels of fitness 
  • Increased levels of agility, dexterity and flexibility
  • Increased levels of self confidence
  • Learn Self Defence

So why is it important for us to learn specific techniques? When under the pressure of a stressful situation, especially an attack or survival situation, people automatically revert to what they’ve practiced. Stress makes it difficult to adapt to circumstances we haven’t encountered or prepared for.That’s why self-defence is important. It lets you take charge and defuse, de-escalate, or defend yourself and those around you. By training and preparing for the worst-case scenario, you better your odds of surviving if such a situation occurs. 

Physical Habits That Create And Maintain A Healthier You - Participating in self-defence training is great exercise. Self-defence training will get your blood pumping and your lungs working, leading to a more powerful and efficient cardiovascular system. As you train and push your body you will be involving your entire musculoskeletal system and your muscles  will get stronger and more, very often, more flexible. Your metabolism will also increase as a result of regular training, likely leading to weight loss.
A Sharper Mental Focus - In addition to your body, you’ll also be training your mind, which is another reason that self-defence training is important. As part of your training, you will learn to make effective decisions and act decisively in dangerous situations.This confidence carries over into your everyday activities. You’ll become more self-disciplined and goal-oriented. There is a peace to be found in the ability to take care of yourself, and it shows in your everyday interactions.  

A Network Of Friends And Colleagues - You will sometimes hear students refer to their training as their martial arts career. The work you put into it, alone and in groups, directly influences what you will get out of your training. As with any job, you’ll build interpersonal relationships with your peers based on shared challenges, triumphs, and experiences. This gives a support network that stretches beyond the gym.